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Peel away the age spots, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and other signs of sun damage and aging with the best chemical peel treatment at Medrein Health & Aesthetics. With a chemical facial peel, a chemical solution is applied to get rid of the dead skin cells from the skin’s surface. Get a chemical peel with our expert esthetician and you’ll be saying goodbye to your old and dull skin and restore a healthy skin condition for a more beautiful and radiant appearance in no time.

Medrein Health and Aesthetics

Medrein Health and Aesthetics

Experience The Best Chemical Peels in Southlake, TX At Medrein Health and Aesthetics

Chemical peels are an effective skin care treatment that addresses skin problem by exfoliating damaged skin cells to allow healthy, newer skin to take its place. The facial peel solution is often infused with ingredients that also build new collagen and elastin to improve your skin texture, making it firmer and smoother. The most common types of chemical peels are light or superficial peels, medium peels, and deep peels. 

A chemical peel procedure is used to treat a wide range of skin concerns like acne scars, hyperpigmentation, melasma, rosacea, wrinkles, fine line, skin discoloration, uneven skin tone, and dry skin.

At Medrein Health and Aesthetics, we believe that you deserve only the best med spa and skin rejuvenation experience. Here’s why you should consider doing your chemical peel with us at Medrein Health and Aesthetics:

  • A luxurious and safe medspa experience - Our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to offer the best possible cosmetic experience. All chemical peel procedures are also done in a clean and sanitized environment so you’ll feel utmost comfort from start to finish.

Medrein Health and Aesthetics

Medrein Health and Aesthetics

  • Highly qualified medical professionals and licensed physicians - We’re home to board-certified physicians and excellently trained staff to ensure the highest level of success and safety for every chemical peel treatment.
  • Personalized skin treatment for your cosmetic goals - Our cosmetic dermatology treatments are custom designed according to your needs and aesthetic desires. Visit us for a consultation and we’ll create the perfect chemical peel treatment plan for your skin issues.

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Medrein Health and Aesthetics

Medrein Health and Aesthetics

How Chemical Peels Can Benefit You

A chemical peel is no ordinary facial treatment, which is why it’s one of the most requested procedures in any aesthetic clinic. It’s an effective skin rejuvenation procedure that doesn’t require plastic surgery and offers many benefits for your aging and damaged skin:

  • It’s a highly customizable treatment and we can use a variety of solutions to treat your skin concerns depending on whether you have dry, oily, or sensitive skin type!
  • It reduces visible facial wrinkles and fine lines on your forehead, near the eyes, and around the mouth.
  • It can lighten the dark spots on your skin caused by sun exposure and corrects skin pigment issues.
  • By exfoliating the skin, a chemical peel clears the blockages on the pores and releases oil to reduce acne and pimple breakouts.
  • It’s a popular skin resurfacing treatment that improves dull complexion by peeling off the old skin in the treatment area.

Your Questions About Chemical Peels, Answered

What should I expect during a chemical peel treatment?

A chemical peel is an in-office and outpatient procedure. We’ll begin by cleansing the facial area that will be treated. The solution will be carefully applied using a hand brush or applicator and during the application procedure, you may feel a mild tingling sensation as the peel works its way to your skin’s layers. After some time has passed, we’ll remove the peel treatment from your skin with the help of a neutralizing solution.

What does recovery from a chemical peel procedure look like?

Light or mild chemical peels don’t have a long downtime but you may experience redness which lasts for a few days. Swelling, redness, and temporary skin sensitivity are common for mild peels but they’ll subside within a week.

For a deep chemical peel, an ointment may be applied to the treated area to protect the skin from prolonged swelling, blistering, or crusts. The area will also be bandaged and it will require a longer recovery period of at least two to three weeks.

What are the commonly used chemical solutions in a facial peel?

For light peels, mild acids like alpha-hydroxy acid may be used. For medium peels, glycolic or trichloroacetic acid (TCA peel) is used to exfoliate the skin. For deeper chemical peels, a stronger solution like phenol or trichloroacetic acid is used to address more serious skin damage. Our staff will thoroughly assess your skin health to determine which type of chemical solution you’ll need for a peel.

How does chemical peel differ from microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is another skin treatment that removes the outer layer of the skin and exfoliates the dead skin cells. But unlike facial peels that use chemical solutions, a microdermabrasion procedure uses a handheld vacuum that suctions the dead skin cell. Chemical peels are a better solution for correcting deeper skin problems such as acne scars and severe wrinkles.

Medrein Health & Aesthetics: Your Beauty and Wellness Partner for The Best Chemical Peel Treatment

Let the skin experts at Medrein Health & Aesthetics help restore your confidence in your skin with a chemical peel treatment. We’re a premier anti-aging and wellness center in Southlake, TX that specializes in safe and effective cosmetic procedures such as Botox injections, dermal filler, laser treatment for skin resurfacing, laser hair removal, microneedling, and more. Contact us today and book your consultation.

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