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Don’t let skin laxity, sun spots, acne scars, pores, and wrinkles wear down your beauty and confidence. Take the first step to a renewed youthful appearance and healthy skin condition with a facial treatment. Trust the skin care experts at Medrein Health & Aesthetics to perform safe and efficient facials that will help improve your skin texture and skin tone, eliminate wrinkles and fine lines, and lighten blemishes and dark spots.

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Experience The Best Facials in Southlake TX At Medrein Health & Aesthetics

Facials are one of the most effective skin care treatments that do wonders for your skin and address imperfections that cannot be easily treated with skin serums or makeup products. Facial treatments help rejuvenate the skin by exfoliation, cleansing, and nourishing to leave you with a healthier, softer, and younger-looking appearance.

Medrein Health and Aesthetics

There are many facial procedures to choose from such as microdermabrasion, chemical peel, HydraFacial, and more. At Medrein Health & Aesthetics, we believe that you deserve only the best med spa treatment and facial experience. Here’s why you should consider doing your facial with us at Medrein Health and Aesthetics:

Medrein Health and Aesthetics

  • Safe and comfortable facial treatment - We welcome each patient at our well-decorated clinic with state-of-the-art facilities and ensure that all procedures are done in a clean and sanitized environment so you’ll feel safe and comfortable from start to finish.
  • Highly qualified medical professionals and licensed esthetician - We’re home to board-certified physicians and an excellently trained staff to guarantee the success of your facial and cosmetic treatment.
  • Personalized facials for your cosmetic goals - Our treatments are custom designed according to your needs and aesthetic desires. Visit us for a consultation and we’ll create the perfect facial treatment plan that will accurately address your skin concerns.

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How Facials Can Benefit You

Getting a regular facial can be easily done at a salon or a medical spa like Medrein Health & Aesthetics. There are many ways that a facial treatment can help naturally enhance your look without plastic surgery, such as:

Medrein Health and Aesthetics

  • Cleanses dirt and treats clogged pores to prevent future acne breakouts
  • Exfoliates dead skin cells to improve skin texture and complexion
  • Gets rid of harmful environmental agents and free radicals that damage the skin
  • Boosts the production of collagen to restore skin firmness and elasticity 
  • Reduces visible signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines 
  • Hydrates your skin to prevent them from getting dry and maintain freshness
  • Can also include massage therapy of the face, neck, and upper body to improve blood circulation

Medrein Health and Aesthetics

Your Questions About Facials, Answered

How will I know what type of facial treatment suits me?

The type of facial that you’ll receive will depend on your condition and skin type-whether you have dry, sensitive, oily, or dehydrated skin. For example, we offer HydraFacial which is a facial rejuvenation treatment that works for all skin types.

Rest assured that our practice at Medrein Health and Aesthetics involves inviting you for a consultation with our aesthetician so we can assess your skin and recommend the ideal procedure for you.

How often do I need to get a facial treatment?

You’ll get the optimal results from your facial when you have them done regularly. We advise getting a facial treatment once a month to achieve desirable effects and maintain your skin health.

What should I expect after a facial procedure?

There’s almost no downtime after getting a facial treatment. However, you may be advised to take it easy on wearing makeup for a day or so to avoid post-facial acne breakouts. You should also wait for several weeks before getting any kind of facial hair or brow waxing. Overall, remember to be gentler and kinder to your skin for a few days after your facial procedure.

How long soon can I see results from a facial? 

You can immediately see improvements in your skin’s appearance within 24 to 48 hours after the procedure. Over time, you’ll notice your skin getting brighter as the facial treatment works its way to stimulate collagen production and cell regeneration which usually takes time. Of course, following a good skin care routine can complement the effects of the facial in the long run.

Medrein Health and Aesthetics

Medrein Health & Aesthetics: Your Beauty and Wellness Partner for The Best Facials Treatment

Achieve the healthy and radiant skin that you’ve always wanted with a facial treatment at Medrein Health & Aesthetics. We’re a premier anti-aging and wellness center in Southlake, TX that specializes in safe and effective cosmetic procedures such as Botox injections, dermal fillers, laser hair removal, microneedling, and more. Contact us today and start your journey to facial rejuvenation.