Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal in Southlake is a non-invasive treatment that targets the roots of unwanted hair. A laser hair reduction procedure is safe. There is no risk for damage to the surrounding skin since the laser light is targeted to the pigments in the hair follicle. Once the laser destroys the follicles, you can expect a 10% visible hair reduction in the treatment area after your initial Laser hair removal session. Your skin will feel silky smooth, and you can remain hair-free for several months to years. 


Laser Hair Removal

Managing facial and body hair can be tricky with other options. However, laser hair removal provides you a worry-free solution in achieving flawless skin in no time. When waxing and shaving stop satisfying you, visit our laser hair removal consultants at Medrein Health & Aesthetics. We’ll set you up with a laser hair removal appointment to permanently eliminate your unwanted hair. With this laser hair removal treatment, you don’t have to be stressed about constantly trimming. Instead enjoy feeling confident in your smooth skin for a long time after the laser hair reduction treatment.

If you are uncomfortable or embarrassed by unwanted hair, laser hair removal is the perfect solution to this problem. Laser hair reduction treatment can be performed almost anywhere including the following

Laser Hair Removal

  1. Upper lip and chin
  2. Nose and ears
  3. Front and back of the neck
  4. Shoulders
  5. Underarms
  6. Chest and full back
  7. Legs (front and back)
  8. Bikini area.

Laser Hair Removal

At Medrein Health and Aesthetics, we believe that you deserve only the best medical spa and laser hair removal treatment experience. Here’s why you should consider getting a laser hair removal with us: 

  • A luxurious and safe medspa experience - Laser treatments are done in our clinic with state-of-the-art facilities and we use cutting-edge laser technology to efficiently get rid of unwanted hair.
  • Highly qualified medical professionals and licensed aestheticians - We’re home to board-certified physicians who are experts in aesthetic medicine and dermatology. We’ve also trained our staff with the best laser techniques to ensure the highest level of treatment success.
  • Personalized treatment plans for your cosmetic goals - Every patient has a unique skin condition and our physician will work closely with you to create a custom-designed treatment that will accurately meet your needs and goals.

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How Laser Hair Removal Can Benefit You

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal services offer a hassle-free and long-term solution for clearing unwanted hair from different facial and body areas. Other reasons that make laser hair removal an appealing cosmetic procedure are: 

Laser Hair Removal

  • The device sends pulses of laser light in seconds so you can expect to quickly finish the procedure in 30 minutes to an hour.
  • The treatment leaves no room for ingrown hairs to grow.
  • No skin irritation, roughness, cuts, or scrapes on the skin surface.
  • There’s no downtime or recovery period needed.
  • Minimal pain and discomfort during the procedure.
  • Unlike other hair removal treatments which can grow hair back within weeks, this treatment delays new hair growth up to months or even years.

Laser Hair Removal – FAQ

Is the procedure applicable for any skin type?

Patients with dark hair and light skin tone are the ideal candidates for laser hair removal. But there are newer laser machines today that now make it possible for men and women with darker skin tone or sensitive skin to safely get the treatment. At our med spa, we use advanced laser technology that provides reliable results for any skin type.

Is laser hair removal considered permanent hair removal?

Technically, laser hair removal damages the hair follicle to reduce visible hair and disrupts hair growth for a long time. It is permanent in the sense that you can enjoy hairless skin for an extended period compared to shaving and waxing. Hair can eventually grow back on the treated area but they will appear fewer and lighter.

Which is better: electrolysis or laser hair removal?

An electrolysis treatment uses radiofrequency or electric energy for permanent hair removal. However, it’s a more invasive procedure that requires inserting a probe into the follicle. Depending on your pain tolerance, electrolysis may be more uncomfortable than laser treatment. So if you want a less painful procedure that still guarantees amazing results, laser hair removal is the better option.

How many treatment sessions do I need?

Most patients need multiple treatments for the best hair removal results. Our expert aesthetician will let you know how often you’ll need to return for your laser hair removal.

Medrein Health & Aesthetics: Best Laser Hair Elimination Treatments in Southlake

Laser Hair Removal

Be a step closer to the radiant skin of your dreams with laser hair removal at Medrein Health & Aesthetics. As a premier anti-aging and wellness center in Southlake TX, we also offer other skin rejuvenation services such as treatment of wrinkles and fine lines with dermal filler and Botox, chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, hair restoration, and more. Call us now and get in touch with our skin care specialist.