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Is It Time for a Lift?

It’s no secret that aging is simply a part of life. Fine lines, undesirable wrinkles, thinning lips? Eventually, everyone has to deal with them. But what if YOU didn’t have to?

Here at Medrein Health & Aesthetics, you can finally rediscover your youth with Restylane®!

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Medrein Health and Aesthetics

What Is Restylane®?

Far too often, society sets beauty standards that are simply unattainable. Yet, we as a species try to attain those standards anyway, oftentimes through dangerous and unhealthy means.

That’s where we come in. Restylane is our state of the art dermal filler for those who seek that natural, glowing look in a safe, effective way! No risky, irreversible surgeries required!

Our FDA-approved gel uses age-defying hyaluronic acid to improve the look of unwanted fine lines and wrinkles, beautifully plump up lips, and smooth out deep scars such as those caused by acne.

Who Should Use Restylane?

Restylane is the perfect solution for those hoping to eliminate deep scars, lines and wrinkles caused by natural aging processes, thinning lips, and uneven skin tones. Our hyaluronic acid formula is able to correct each of these issues by filling your skin with the moisture it needs to look plump and supple once again.

As long as you’re in good health and don’t smoke, you may be eligible for our Restylane treatment! Simply schedule a consultation to see if you qualify!

What are Restylane Fillers Like?

If you’re like most, you may be a bit nervous and skeptical of facial injections. But at Medrein Health & Aesthetics, you have no need to worry. Our approach is one of personalized care and comfort. Throughout your journey, our team will be with you every step of the way.

Once you arrive at your scheduled appointment, you’ll be greeted by our staff, but you’ll feel as though you’ve been welcomed home by family.

At the start of your procedure, the areas of concern will be numbed to ensure your utmost comfort. One of our Master Injectors will then carefully inject our Restylane formula into those spots that need some quenching love. Your procedure will be over in no time and you’ll barely feel a thing!

What Are The Results of Restylane?

Restylane’s flagship ingredient, hyaluronic acid, is proven and recommended by dermatologists as an age-defying agent. That’s why the results you’ll receive with our Restylane formula will blow you away!

Within just a few hours of your injections, you’ll begin to see Restylane’s power at work! Our team’s method of injecting Restylane is careful, kind, and gentle, so you won’t need much time to recover.

There may be some minor bruising as your skin replumps and moisturizes from within, but after 1-2 weeks, the only remaining signs of your procedure will be youthful, glowing skin!

Our Restylane method is sure to bring you peace of mind, as well! After only one appointment, your skin will be smooth and supple for up to one year! Not every anti-aging procedure can say the same!

How Can You Receive Restylane’s Wonderful Results in Southlake, TX?

The process is simple and easy! If you’ve been looking for a safe, effective solution to your fine lines, deep scars, thinning lips, or uneven skin tone, look no further than Restylane.

To see if you qualify for our state of the art formula, simply call or send us a message to schedule your consultation!

Don’t live with a face you don’t recognize. Regain your youth with Restylane®!