Patient  Reviews

"I had a great experience at Medrein Health. Dr. Mikki was very knowledgeable and through."

Kim P.
"I got lip filler done at Medrein and I can’t say enough how friendly the team is!"

Jenna M.
"Dr Micki is amazing ! She spends lots of time on procedures and knows exactly what to do . Highly recommend her !!"

Matthew P.
"Dr Mikki is the sweetest, most knowledable and comforting MD I have ever met."

Constance A.
"Very professional and knowledgeable staff, I highly recommend this clinic for all your Botox and aesthetic needs!"

Lauren L.
"Dr. Mikki was so gentle and the place so beautiful. Love her already. I feel and look like I’m 17"

Lovejoy D.
"Friendly and quick service! Dr. Mikki is very knowledgeable and gives you the best options for any concerns you may have."

Jordyn H.
"Thankfully Medrein Health has the best prices for a nose thread lift and I'm finally happy with my nose. Can't thank their team enough!!"

Misty P.
"I loved how I was treated from the beginning to end. The sweet lady helped me actually understand what I was getting into and was very professional..."

Robert M.
"Dr. Mikki is the BEST! to say the least! Outstanding in everything she does."

Nora B.
Dr.Mikki is amazing!!! Not only did my skin love the Fotona 4D and Hydrofacials I have tried here, but I loved how Dr.Mikki took the time to educate me on what she was doing on top of providing an amazing service.Exceptional personalized care! One on one evaluation and skin coaching practices in place to measure progress and growth!I’m so glad I found a high caliber skin care salon with an honest, helpful staff and comfortable setting. Already looking forward to my next appointment! If you are looking for a best medical grade salon - don’t look any further, try this place, you will love it!!

Shilpa K. | Feb 08, 2021
She was kind and caring while taking care of our mother.

Anonymous | Nov 28, 2020
This person should not be practicing medicine. She is unethically rude, shows absolutely no empathy towards her patients and belittles you when asked about alternative measures for treatment.

Anonymous | Aug 14, 2020
After coming to the ER to find relief, this doctor came in my room, told me that my vitals were normal, so she "didn't know" what was wrong with me. She offered no medication, or advice on how to get better. She then sent the receptionist in to charge me $75 and discharge me. Probably the worst doctor I've even seen. I do not recommend.

Anonymous | Jul 02, 2017
Gave my adult daughter MORPHINE when she came in after 9 days of Nausea, Vomiting Diahrreah &Migraine headache. My daughter even said Excedrin Migraine was managing the pain, and the nausea was the issue. She failed to notice that her Calcium was low, a possible cause or exasperation of migraines. Absolutely unacceptable

Anonymous | Jan 04, 2017